Our Trucks


Farm Truck is Born

 A very pretty 1948 Dodge name Betty Lou was  purchased in February of 2017.  She spent the last 70 years on the egg farm of Nicholas Gangone.  We  brought her home on February 5th, 2017.  Restoration and customization plans followed.

In June of 2017 a 1954 Chevroley (Betty Lou 2) was purchased as the demand for local products grew stronger.


Farm truck is Born

As word spread about Farm truck and our schedule grew we realized one truck just wouldn't be enough.  A 1954 Chevrolet was purchased in June of 2017.  For now she is Betty Lou 2.

Farmington Farm Truck Future

Farmington Farm Trucks will be traveling Farmington and local areas bringing CT grown and made local products to your businesses, events, neighborhoods and community.  

Bee-lieve in Local 

Contact us today to schedule a farm truck visit in your area.