Farm Truck at Hein Farm is OPEN 303 Meadow Road, Farmington

CT Grown and made produce, canned goods, baked goods, FLOWERS, and more!  OPEN Tuesdays- Saturdays 10-5

 Sunday 11-3

The Best of Locally Grown


Mobile Farmer's Market

We are not your typical food truck, we are a FARM truck!  We bring healthy, locally grown produce and farm-made products to you.  Farm Truck makes it easy to buy healthy, delicious, locally grown food for your family.  Our produce selection changes daily based on what is in season and freshest that morning.  From blueberries to peaches, cucumbers, corn and honey, we bring it all to you.   If you want the freshest CT farm produce then find the Farm Truck at your workplace, local events or even your neighborhood.

Blueberries, locally grown food

Local is Better

Feel good about what you are feeding your family.   We are the best kind of food truck!   All of our products come directly from CT local farmers and artisans.  We carry organic produce whenever available.  There are typically at least produce from 10 different farms on the truck including what we grow and  the best from other local CT farms.  Our team members go to the farms every morning to get the freshest and very best produce.   Our farmer's market food truck brings that wonderful, locally grown food to you in a fun, convenient way.   We strive to make it easier for everyone to access the best and freshest locally grown produce.  

Visit Farmington Farm Truck and discover why local is better!


Supporting Local Farms is Good for Everyone

When you buy from Farmington Farm Truck you are not only getting high quality, locally grown food but you are supporting a woman owned local business and all the farms we work with locally.  Local businesses and local farms are at the heart of the local economy.  When you buy from a local business you are supporting friends, neighbors and  your community.  You are also keeping money in your local economy.  Local businesses represent the uniqueness of your community.  Buying from Farmington Farm Truck is simply good for you and your family's health, good for the local farmers and artisans and good for the local economy.  So many reasons to feel good about visiting the healthiest food truck, Farmington Farm Truck.

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Due to COVID 19 the trucks are not running until at least late June.  Please visit our farmstand 6 days per week.;

303 Meadow Road, Farmington, CT

(860) 952-2767