Farmington Farm Truck


Betty Lou (1948 Dodge)

Betty Lou is the original Farmington Farm Truck.  She spent the last 70 years on a chicken farm in Middleboro, Massachussets.  She was used by farmer, Nicholas Gangone to deliver eggs to his customers.

The grandchildren of Nicholas and Sharita Ganzone kept the truck for many years protected in a barn but none of them had interest in restoring it.  In our search for a farm truck we came across this special vehicle and it was love at first sight.  This truck would become farmington Farm Truck.  

The Ganzone grandchildren believe their grandparents would be happy and proud to see the truck come back to life and be used for local farm products including eggs once again.  


Jessie Jane (1954 Chevrolet)

Jessie Jane (aka Betty Lou 2) is a 1954 Chevrolet that has been restored and customized to carry wonderful fresh local CT grown produce to YOU!  She travels the Farmington Valley appearing at local spots and events near you.